Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bees Arrive Friday

The new hive will arrive this Friday.

Sign posts are up to alert passers by about the hive location. It will be about ten feet in off the roadway.

The newest stable sweepings pile ends quite close to the hive location. Sweepings should be safe to collect, but it is suggested that gardeners start collecting from the right edge of the sweepings. Closer sweepings will be moved away from the hive soon.

As we have seen from other nearby hives, bees make a positive difference to gardens. Watch for them in your plot.

WHS Community Service Day

WHS sent five students to the gardens this morning. Katie, Chris, Faith, Matt and Hannah pulled out all the garlic mustard they could find, relocated remaining brush cut last season by our college volunteer to the refuse area and picked up five large garbage bags of trash missed in our extensive cleanup last Fall.

I passed along our thanks to them and the High School organizers led by Matthew Hornung. I hope we can get this valuable resource again next year.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Bee Hive

A bee hive will be set up in the gardens by a town resident who lives nearby. It will set up by Memorial Day weekend near the refuse pile straight in from the gate. (See map location.) Signs will be posted along the road to alert passersby about the hive.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 Season Begins

The administrative part of the season has been completed!  All 81 plots are now assigned. There are 5 residents on the Wait List.

6 gardeners entered the March lottery to switch plot assignments. 8 plots turned over, a level we have not seen in the last ten years.

The Town schedule for turning on the water is the end of April. Work will likely be done before month end to test the new system for leaks.

Thanks to all for helping get us started.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Garden Clean Up

Last Wednesday the last piles of refuse got moved into a dumpster. We had three members of the WHS Key Club on site to get this done with many thanks to volunteers Catherine, Sydney, and Eleni. Also thanks to those who had already moved one of the four piles to the dumpster and bagged up most of the large pile of black plastic. Those actions helped and are appreciated.

We have now filled four dumpsters. The gardens look good and are ready for follow up inspection by Town staff and the winter season. The garden assignment process starts up again in January as per the website's 2016 Season page.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Town Tour

The WRG Resident Board completed a planned walk though with Town officials on Nov 6. It was obvious that many had worked hard to clean up their plots. That effort helped keep our relationship with the Town both positive and supportive.

The Town did have some comments on several plots, and those gardeners were contacted directly on remaining to-dos that we trust will be completed by month end.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Public Meeting about Community Gardens

The Town will host a public meeting about community gardens at Town Hall on October 1 at 5:30PM.

The meeting will be to set expectations from the town on how their new property will be used. That should be based on review of the rules and regulations previously posted on the garden website.

 Gardeners are encouraged to attend and listen to Town representatives explain how they want us to use the land for continued gardening.